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"If you are skeptical about human-caused climate change, watch this movie. It provides a clear and compelling case for the reality of the problem and the threat to our future that it poses." Michael E. Mann | Author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

Mixing a localized focus on Ireland with insights from scientists and leaders from around the world, this documentary served as both a primer on climate science and an analysis of media framing and the science of perception management.

This documentary was screened on RTÉ in 2010, which is a long time ago in climate years. At the time, it was important to explain the basis of the science in order to reveal the gap between what climate scientists were telling us, and the way the media was portraying the story, affecting both public perception and political action. It was met with resistance, anger and denial. A lot has changed since then, as the impacts of a changing climate are visibly escalating.

An Earth Horizon Production for the EPA and Department of the Environment. 

Executive Producer & Presenter: Duncan Stewart, Producer: Marcus Stewart, Editor: Dónal Ó Ceilleachair

Environment Prize at EuroPAWS Science TV & New Media Festival 2012

More reviews and full credits: http://shop.mediaed.org/a-burning-question-p57.aspx

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