Co-writer & co-performer (Song), Image destroyer (Video)

This music video was a cooperative effort involving brilliant friends, a borrowed camera, sandwiches and a flask of tea. Original concept and direction by the legendary Aidan Fennessy. The kissing couple are friends of my nephew, to whom we were very grateful. The multi-talented Philippa Nihill and I took back to the streets to film another layer, chasing Pip’s gorgeous niece Lucy Moir, who got lost in the city wearing my clothes. All combined with some beautiful footage, shot for another artwork and generously donated by Emma Eastman and Leslie Eastman . I then edited it, totally destroying the images.

The song Flanagan was inspired by Richard Flanagan’s Gould’s Book of Fish. A collaboration with Philippa Nihill of Underground Lovers and solo indi-pop queen fame, from the album Saoi, This Drowning is Dreaming, released in 2006. Supported by Arts Victoria (now Creative Victoria) and the Australian-Irish Heritage Association.

Translation of Irish language verse:

A fish among fish

The king of the blind

In the deepest ocean

Under a salty veil