Upside down Downunder. Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory, Australia in 2012. Pic by Colm Hogan while filming An Dubh ina Gheal: Assimilation


I'm an Irish-Australian who came back to Ireland from the diaspora in the early nineties. 

Spending time on the Aran Islands and in Conamara learning the Irish language brought about a cultural and an environmental awakening which were completely entwined, subsequently feeding all of my work. Is breá liom a bheith ag obair trí mheán na Gaeilge freisin, má bhíonn an deis ann.

I have made music, films, TV, radio, new media, VR in both hemispheres, and at their intersection. My work in documentary is informed by an interest in social justice, the environment, language and culture. Translating poetry into the medium of film is a particular obsession.

It is a very exciting time to explore immersive experiences, which will play a huge role in the future of storytelling. It's also a mind-blowing frontier.

I’m working on some fascinating and challenging projects and collaborations, and I also teach, mentor and consult. If you want to check out some examples of my work, there are plenty on this site.